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Lili Butler started her design business, Group Lili Designs Inc. in 1984. She has remained an independent designer catering to exclusive boutiques and private customers. The company, since it's inception, has expanded to cover not just Lili's design talent, but also all intellectual property including published articles, and the art collections of both Lili and her artist husband, R.Kent Rupp, and style and lifestyle consulting. 2014 marked the 30th year in business dressing and styling women.  She has an international client base. The company currently holds trademarks for five labels: Lili Butler Signature Designer tm; Day Lili tm; Tiger Lili tm; Water Lili tm and be.Lili by group Lili tm. All labels as well as the consulting business are the property of Group Lili Designs Inc. 

Born in San Francisco, she attended schools in the Bay Area, Mexico and Spain. She received her Bachelors degree from the University of California at Berkeley and went on to receive her Masters of Fine Arts at Mills College in Oakland, California, where she received the Trefethen Fellowship Award. After graduation, she opened her business in August of 1984 with one account. In 1993, with over one hundred accounts and many private customers, the business incorporated.

Group Lili has private shows in Sonoma, New York, Los Angeles and the Mid West as well as International customers.   She is available for private consultation, professional boutique advice, wedding and red-carpet gowns, textile/clothing design and event style consultation and art commissions.  Private customers who wish to contact Lili or would like to be added to the mail list may do so by filling out the information in the "Contact us" in the menu bar.