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Ok, we are nuts about poodles! To be honest we are nuts about dogs, but especially Poodles! Lili and her husband have had four Standards.  Currently there is Ernest Hemingway (Ernie) and Vincent Van Gogh (Vinnie).  All of the poodles, past and present, have been used for advertising the Group Lili Brand and are considered beloved mascots for all the labels.  Ernie is 11 years old and was part of the famous pair of white Standard Poodles, Ernie and Issie.  They were siblings and inseparable.  Both were retired from media campaign after Ernie was mauled in the face by two pit bull dogs who trespassed on the property.  After facial surgery and physical and emotional rehabilitation, Ernie returned to his sweet personality.  We lost his sister, Isadora (Issie) shortly thereafter.  But Vinnie, who is 4 years old, is a great buddy to Ernie and has proven once again that dogs like people need their friends and family to help them through life's tough spots.

Stroll through the photos of our poodles over the years, and feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding the breed or just want to share your stories of your fabulous poodles.