Ok, we are nuts about poodles! To be honest we are nuts about dogs, but especially Poodles! Lili's newest addition to her household are two fabulous white Standard Poodles, brother and sister "litter-mates", affectionately named "Isadora Duncan" or better known as "Issie" and "Ernest Hemingway" aka "Ernie". These two rascals are the life of the party. Lili and her husband waited 8 weeks monitoring the mother's inception period to the actual birth of both puppies in early December. They were an inseparable pair from the first moments of life and were the only two solid white poodles in the litter. The breeder, Moonstone Poodles, outside of Portland, Oregon has been breeding champion poodles for decades and focuses on personality over confirmation with an emphasis on being gentle and sweet. Many of her dogs go into service work for the hearing and visually impaired community.


So please indulge us as we constantly update this page and add new photos and stories of our two fabulous characters, Issie and Erine. If you have poodles or doodles see their Facebook page: "Issie Ernie Duncan Hemmingway" and become their friends!